The project "Springs World"

"Springs World" - is a media project on a springs theme. 

The purpose of the project - the integration of information resources on the subject of springs items.

Within this project, using various information channels, you can bring the information about your company and your products up to a target Russian and CIS audience. We’ll help you to find partners in Russia.

We see our mission in providing the readers with technical supportive information as well as in promoting foreign companies based on high-quality products and advanced technology into the Russian market.

Spring – elastic element serving as a temporary accumulation of energy due to the elastic deformation under load.

The leading exhibition site of Wire extends the exposure for participants of the fastener and spring markets

The organizer of major international exhibitions Wire – exhibition company Messe Düsseldorf has decided to expand the exposure significantly. Not only manufacturers of equipment for the production of fasteners and springs, but also manufacturers of fasteners and springs are invited to the Wire exhibition in Düsseldorf. In this way, visitors will be able to meet with manufacturers of the end products which are designed for various industries.

The organizers have provided special spaces for new expositions. Traditionally, at Wire in pavilion 15, raw materials, equipment, tools and other technological equipment were presented to the manufacturers of fastener products, made of wire. The pavilions of this exhibition provide for the installation and connection of large-sized machine tools, thereby providing the opportunity for a full-fledged demonstration work.

The expansion of the exhibition Wire can give impetus to the development of fasteners and hardware production, which are considered promising in the countries with rapidly developing industry.